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§111.6. Grade 4 (b)(8)(C) Audience: 4th Grade Behavior: Students will use mathematical processes to complete this worksheet about area and perimeter. Condition: Students will complete this activity individually and show their work on a separate sheet of paper. I will use the activity in my classroom as a more formal way to assess students' ability to use mathematical processes to find area and perimeter.

Here you will find our selection of Perimeter Worksheets for kids. There are a range of worksheets to help children work out the perimeters of a range of shapes by the Math Salamanders

Math Bingo - The printable bingo games on this page are: Addition Bingo and Multiplication Bingo.

Print Addition Bingo and Multiplication Bingo. Both bingo games each have 504 randomly generated cards. Each file-page has 6 bingo cards.

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Graphing Assessment {FREEBIE}

Here is a assessment for graphing. This assessment requires students to complete their own graph and data table. It also requires them to analyze.

Do your students need a little extra place value practice? Spark their interest with these FREE Place Value Mystery Number Cards. Can be used as a whole-group, small-group or independent activity.

Can your students solve the place value mysteries? This is a fun, engaging way for students to practice place value (hundreds & thousands).