Ágnes Vassné Pál

Ágnes Vassné Pál

Magántanár vagyok, otthon vállalok korrepetálást alsósaknak matekból és magyarból. Szabadidőmben a családommal vagyok, színházba, vagy moziba megyünk. Hétvé
Ágnes Vassné Pál
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Another product from Big Chill, but I prefer the hot pink one which I've included in my other Board - http://pinterest.com/pin/3940718394304393/

Big Chill Retro Fridges keeps your food cold and your kitchen looking cool. A retro refrigerator can look incredible in a modern kitchen, if you can find one and pay the hefty price for restoration. Big Chill offers the look of a retro refrigerator with a


Vintage :) cute vintage monochrome check glam rockabilly style swing dress what a great outfit , with a style like this alice would definitely look the film star getting off the plane in st malo

Royal Typewriter - I used to have one of these in this color, 1960's style. All my college papers were written on one of these. :) How DID we ever manage?

Royal Typewriter - really want a pale blue one in my future house as well as a computer- great for writing with the added bonus of no headaches from bright screens.