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Dániel Góré
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Official Google for Work Blog: Android is ready for work

Now separating business apps and personal apps is possible by Android for Work feature which has been released for Android Lollipop powered smartphones.

I am Daniel and i love COWS

Find the Invisible Cow haha.search for the hidden cow as you hear a voice yell "cow" the voice gets louder and faster as you get closer to the cow.

Fantastic Dinosaurs HD Interface - Mobile Interface - Creattica

Fantastic Dinosaurs HD is an interactive encyclopedia developped for iPad™, in french and english language, which allows you to discover like never before 130 dinosaurs and prehistorical animals

The Term ‘Metro UI’ Could Be Past, Microsoft Forced To Replace It With ‘Windows 8 style UI’

The new Metro style interface is a key feature of Windows Phone 7 mobile OS, Windows It provides additional protection against the elements of Metro UI.

Login - Windows Metro UI Concept by viduthalai1947 (via Creattica)

Login - Windows Metro UI Concept by (via Creattica)

Metroon For DreamBoard Brings Windows 8 Metro UI

If there’s one thing that strikes everyone as attractive in Windows Phone, it’s the awesome Metro UI.

Windows 8 Server UI

Windows 8 Server UI