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Arabian Horse Arabian Horse Show - Western Competition Egyptian Stallion Breeding PIntabians. Love this color. Same color as Kaldareyn but without the markings

Magical Mandate is the Classic Black Arabian Stallion Mandate's bloodlines include the Greats of Arabian breeding. His significant sire line c.

Train Tree Tunnel, Urkraine. Photo by Oleg Gordienko.

This beautiful train track is naturally covered by green trees and makes a tunnel. Located in Kleven, Ukraine, this train tunnel is named as. “Tunnel of Love” by local people. These incredible photos were taken by Oleg Gordienko.

Bioluminescent Bay in Puerto Rico. Seriously one of the most GORGEOUS things I've ever done! Everyone needs to experience this! Puerto Rico 3-10-13✔

Australia's Amazing Bioluminescent Lake (Also Bioluminescent Bay in Puerto Rico). An unusually high concentration of Noctiluca scintillans, a bioluminescent microorganism, turned the water a bright, glowing, ethereal blue.

Lost Kingdom Of Cleopatra Off the shores of Alexandria, the city of Alexander the Great, lies what is believed to be the ruins of the royal quarters of Cleopatra. A team of marine archaeologists led by Frenchman Franck Goddio made excavation on this ancient city from where Cleopatra, the last queen of the Ptolemies, ruled Egypt.

Cleopatra’s royal quarters were found underwater off the shores of Alexandria, Egypt. They had been lost for 1600 years, swept away by earthquakes and tidal waves. Click through to see more lost treasures from Cleopatra's kingdom!

A bed in the fish tank

The Best Suites in the World - Conrad Maldives Rangali Island - Yes, you can fulfill this dream. This is an underwater suite that is present at Conrad Maldives Rangali Island. Only 20 feet of Indian Ocean is present above you in this suite.