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I wonder how she would like a wooden shelf idea? Show Ashlyn this & see what she thinks. Cupcakes Aplenty The groom and his friend created this wooden display, which boasted five types of cupcakes, as well as summer berry and stone fruit shortcakes

At Claire and Benjamin's outdoor wedding in Beverly Hills, nearly 1,000 feet of California bay laurel garlands ran along the house, the yard, and down the tables' centers; persimmons, figs, raspberry branches, and passionfruit vine punctuated the garlands.

Casual Centerpiece Containers brimming with California bay laurel garlands punctuated with persimmons, figs, raspberry branches, and passion fruit run down the center of this elongated reception table.

Because this wedding was held on the beach, the couple, Megan and Clayton, hosted the reception in an open-air lounge, which invited the sea breeze to linger.

Reception The open-air lounge where Megan and Clayton's Sea Island, Georgia, reception is held invites the Atlantic Ocean's breeze to linger. See More of This Wedding in Sea Island, Georgia

Pimm's Cups, an English summer libation, were served in glass yogurt jars with striped straws during Aneta and Phil's wedding cocktail hour.

Pimm's Cups, an English summer libation, seemed liked the perfect fix. They were served in glass yogurt jars with striped straws during cocktail hour. - This but maybe a winter pimms version.

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Smart Table Numbers Labeled glass bottles marked reception tables and also helped keep guests hydrated during Jean and Devin's outdoor summer wedding reception on the West Coast.

Cherry-Blossom Guest Book. For a guest book, Sheila and Steve followed a Japanese custom by asking guests to tie their sentiments to cherry-tree branches with ribbons. Branches adorned with crepe-paper buds and blossoms were placed in a porcelain vase.

A wishing tree. love the idea of doing a take on a wishing tree. why not have this as your centerpiece and have guests write spiritual thoughts or guidance for her.