Artist Rachel Dien Creates Delicate Fossils From Flowers

UK artist Rachel Dein’s method of plaster casting captures everyday objects in a unique and delicate way. She makes impressions in wet clay, and then pours plaster directly over them. The clay captures.

Фрески, росписи, барельефы - Творческая мастерская Михайловых - Студия Марат Ка

Frescoes, paintings, bas-artists-Creative workshop of Mikhailov-studio Marat Ka

Картина из соленого теста своими руками. Автор: Лариса Иванова


artist Rachel Dein of Tactile Studio has spent the last few years perfecting the art of plaster casting, an admittedly straightforward process of pressing objects into clay and then filling the voids with combinations of plaster and concrete.

Fossils from Everyday Life: Plaster Cast Plant Tiles by Rachel Dein

UK artist Rachel Dein, plaster casts plants to create beautiful Fossil Flowers