Iris de la Roya - Mendelson Design:

Iris de la Roya - Mendelson Design I'd love to do a mosaic piece on a wall like…

Here's how to make an address marker with mosaics.

DIY mosaic craft projects are always a beauty to behold. This article showcases 15 Easy but Stunning DIY Mosaic Craft Projects for your Home Décor

We tested this mesh. This video shows the results and why you will want to try it!

A fibreglass mesh that enables you to work horizontally and mount vertically. Would any stiff mesh (tapestry, plastic, metal?

This tutorial is the best I have found for making mosaic stepping stones. And it is easy to understand. GET BUSY!!

Step by step instructions for making a precast pebble mosaic (cast inside a frame) . stones are grouted, then backed with concrete - great method for creating custom garden pieces! posted by Ward's Island Community Pebble Mosaic Project:

There are some tricks to cutting these complex shapes with wheeled nippers, but beginners and pros can easily use the techniques shown in this video.

It leaves you with a unique trick that the audience will hopefully remember you by.