Marcello Grande

Marcello Grande

Marcello Grande
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Treehouses do not need to be all right angles.

A tree house. A free house. A secret you and me house. A high up in the leafy branches cozy as can be house. A street house. A neat house. A be sure and wipe your feet house, is not my kind of house at all, Lets go live in a tree house!

Great outdoor treehouse shower on a balcony! More

Luxury Treehouse Hosts Modern Facilities Designed For Comfort The Woodman’s Treehouse is a luxurious cabin fitted with modern and spacious furnishing in a tree loft.

Tripod Floorlamp | artkraft Loftdesign

It is a floor lamp, which was born from the collocation of a surveyor tripod and an industrial lamp. In olden days its plinth served as a surveyor tripod, on

Modern Stacking Bookshelves - Reader's Gallery - Fine Woodworking

The construction is a torsion box in that each wall is a separate MDF torsion box joined at the corners by half-lap joints. Then the frame was skinned with Birch Playwood.