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wooden shelves with vases on them against a wall made out of wood planks
Decorare le pareti con il legno
Decorare le pareti con il legno (Foto 25/39) | Designmag
an empty room with two chairs, a table and a lamp on the floor in front of it
How to define space within a space Design/Merchandising, 2011 - by Ruy Teixeira (Kartell comback chair )
an empty room with white furniture and brick walls
Installation at Cecilia de Torres, New York - Four Artists: Constructivist Roots
Installation: I sure hope this is functional— because that would be really cool.
several plates with food on them sitting on a table next to a person's hand
Agma, Diseño suizo, minimalista y obviamente "muy funcional" #diseño #design AGMA, Bussard Design Swiss Design
people are looking at an interactive map in a museum
Farming in the city – farmingthecity – city farm
gebruik van vloerspasie
two people standing next to each other in front of a tv screen at an exhibition
Sanofi Exhibition Stand
people are standing in front of an exhibit with plants on the walls and behind them there is a green wall
Sanofi exhibition stand
an art exhibit with black and white pictures on the wall, along with people walking by
Arthitectural - Bringing Interior to Life
Bent panel installation