30 Day Plank Challenge

How to Plank exercise. The "Plank exercise" and all its variants are considered among the best 5 exercises in terms of efficiency for training the central pa.

100 Planks

Tired of doing crunches to work your core? The plank is a phenomenal exercise that gives you the option of doing something other than a crunch to work your a.

Yoga Workout - 16 Poses on the Exercise Ball: Yoga Workout on the Exercise Ball

Try These Yoga Poses Using an Exercise Ball

The Wall Plank

This is a great exercise to re-establish motor control of your core musculature after a back injury.

12 minute full body plank workout. No equipment.

Plank and Bridge Workout for ABS. A fun effective workout you can do at home or hotel. Little space is needed. Get ready to feel the burn in your core!

How to Properly Perform The Plank Exercise to Improve Core Strength

How to Properly Perform the Plank Exercise to Improve Core Strength

The plank is an abdominal exercise that builds core strength and stability. Learn how to properly perform the plank with step by step instructions.