László Zöld

László Zöld

László Zöld
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Like this palm tree tattoo

A full beach tattoo on the back. The design looks amazing as it details well the waves crashing towards the shore and the palm trees welcoming it with its leaves.

Transform your attic into a private movie theater

A movie theatre in the attic with large bed/loungers with space for two, located in a beach house. Designed by Erica Powell - Coastal Living Ultimate Beach House. Thanks to The Patriotic Peacock: Miramar and Destin for visiting and sharing their photos.

"The Dream house “Mahina” (means moon) was designed by “Weber Consulting” .Kawau Island, New Zealand

Luxury Villa Mahina in Kawau Island, New Zealand. The dream house “Mahina” (means moon) was designed by “Weber Consulting” and as its name suggests, has the form of a crescent.

House in Vilnius by NG architects

I would install solar panels on the roof, cover the concrete porch with wood, minimize the size of the stones leading to the stairs in the third picture, and replace the black walls with wood. -HSG modern 300 house in Vilnius by NG architects

Hill House Melbourne by Andrew Maynard

Hill House by architect Andrew Maynard nice infographic Sublime accommodation in Melbourne by Andrew Maynard The week begins with this very big favorite architecture. This house called "Hill House" is the work of architect Andrew Maynard . The main idea i