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Yummy family house in Southern Sweden...beautiful bowls

Lovenordic Design lovely cups and saucers for enjoying hot beverages like a warm cup of tea or whatever you prefer. the cup's handle just begs to have a thumb inserted while the fingers and palm cradle the warmth. this style i love! and the color!

Verschillende items voor foodfotografie

Love this color! Aqua, the new hand-crafted tableware in Portuguese style earthenware transforms every table into a summer tableau. The dishes and bowls, available in different shades of blue, bring a breath of fresh air during the sultry summer months.

bloemfrance: “For a while I had a crush on sweet potato, but as often happens with crushes - I’m sad to say - they are temporary… they either become a normal and regular thing in your life, or one day.

Gertrud and Otto Natzler, Bowl

GERTRUD AND OTTO NATZLER Bowl, 1962 Earthenware, semi-matte "old turquoise" glaze with crystal formations. cm) diameter Underside signed with NATZLER and with original inventory label printed

My very first request when I learned to wheel throw was from one of my sisters. She asked for a wide spoon rest like this that would work with her big

Ceramic bread pan cake pan bakeware loaf pan kitchen and

Ceramic bread pan cake pan bakeware loaf pan kitchen and