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Treehopper triplets all in a row
many different types of bugs on a white background
Le Procrastinateur
Membracidae (treehoppers). Morphological diversity in treehoppers is conveyed by the helmet. © CNRS / Nicolas Gompel. Research : Body plan innovation in treehoppers through the evolution of an extra wing-like appendage. Prud’homme et al. Nature, 473: 83-86 (05 May 2011).
two bugs with long antennae are shown in three different positions
Umbelligerus sp. I ALREADY TOLD YOU.....NO!!!!!! - I DO NOT WISH TO BE FRIENDS!!!!!! ⭕️
a close up of a bug on a white background
Saritorul De Copac
a close up of a bug on a leaf with green backgrounnd background
Horned Treehopper
Horned Treehopper
a close up of a black flower on a branch
The insect world contains many amazing species. This is a species of a group of insects called Treehoppers. Impressive little bugger.
a colorful insect sitting on top of a tree branch