Χειμώνας με τη Green Smoke!

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Απολαύστε το ηλεκτρονικό σας τσιγάρο ειδικά των χειμώνα, που κάνει κρύο έξω.
Green Smoke παντού!!

I'm going ice skating! I found a completely frozen pond in Hogsmeade, made sure it was sturdy, and I'm going today! Anyone going to joing me?


"Just remember in the winter far beneath the bitter snow, lies a seed that with the sun's love in the spring, becomes a rose.


Snowy Night, Chester, England There's nothing like a walk on a winter night, when the street lights make the snow sparkle like billions of diamonds.

Τι όμορφα :)

What the Tree Spirits Think of Cut Christmas Trees - as written by Shamana Sarah Petruno. Hint: They love Christmas and in fact, Christmas Trees play a very special role in the tree community :)