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musical notes are arranged in the shape of music notes
Musical notes
Each of these different musical notes represents a different amount of time. The first note is called a whole note as it lasts for the whole four beats in a bar. Invite children to work out the value of each of the other notes.
four paper plates with music notes on them are displayed in front of a bulletin board
As I was walking through the hall today, I saw this hanging outside one of the first grade classrooms! My school is a STEAM (Scien...
an image of music notes and trebles
New Download: Rhythm Values Chart - Piano with Lauren
music notes are arranged on the side of a counter with musical notes written on them
Great way to show how rhythm works and how to connect it to fractions!
the music note tree worksheet is shown with notes and numbers to help students practice their writing skills
an apple with music notes on it and the words figuras musicales etc
an image of a ruler with numbers and notes on it in different colors, including red, green, blue, yellow
Day by Day Music
the color by number page with an image of a cat and music notes on it
the musical note maze is shown in black and white with an arrow pointing to it
Free Printable Musical Note Maze
Free Printable Mazes | Page 12
an orange yellow blue and white color scheme with the words orange, yellow and blue
color by music note 2
Freebie Friday- More Color By Music Note Printables | Plants and Pillars
an image of a flower with the words pink green blue on it and black dots
Freebie Friday- Color By Music Note
Color By Music Flower FREE Printable
the color by note is an image of a space shuttle with stars and planets on it
Maternity Leave: 3rd Grade
I Can Count Rests I found this worksheet on Susan Paradis's blog. Here is the link to the pin. Mrs. Music May I? This is the same ga...