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Gradient manicure of calm milky shades tunes to the relaxed mood, adds dreaminess and sophistication. This delicate design is suitable .

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Shining gradient manicure in purple tones underlines the tenderness of soft lilac, beautiful azure of the evening. Brilliant lilt effectively merge into a

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Looking for fun ideas for summer nails but not sure if you can pull them off? Here are 21 fun ideas for summer nail art that you will surely want to try!

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Trendy gradient combines modish pastel blue and lilac colors. Due to the beauty of color, design does not requires any .

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Trendy gradient nail cover is often a combination of rainbow colors. The bright choice for a summer version contains five of the seven rainbow colors: orange, yellow, green, blue and violet. A smooth transition from the color used on the little fingers to

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A blink gradient manicure in ombre technique will not leave anyone indifferent. Short nails with spectacular blur warm tints will .