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Wedding favor ideas + inspiration to help you ditch the favors guests will toss and give them something unique that they'll want to keep! Cute favor ideas…
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an open book on a table next to a cup and brush
An Enchanted Autumnal Wedding in Sicily
palo santo stick wedding guest favors with ceramic incense burning cups for a mystical autumn wedding reception
a table topped with books and pictures next to a framed photo on top of a table
This Whimsical Texas Wedding Was an Explosion of Vibrant Florals
live fashion sketches of guest in their wedding day outfits as fun + unique wedding favors and keepsakes
four cards with colored drawings of people in different outfits and colors, all on white paper
2024 Wedding Trends and Inspiration That’ll Be Huge This Season
hand painted guest portraits: a 2024 wedding trend to watch
an assortment of drinks and snacks are on display
A Charming “Dolce Vita Soiree” Welcome Party for a Destination Wedding on the Amalfi Coast
Aperol spritzes, limoncello bottles, pasta and more in a charming "Italian market" with delicious guest gifts for a destination wedding's welcome party guests to choose from
a basket filled with lots of different items next to a bottle of wine and liquor
A Charming “Dolce Vita Soiree” Welcome Party for a Destination Wedding on the Amalfi Coast
custom "That's Amore" embroidered woven bags filled with Italian treats + snacks for an opulent destination wedding welcome party guest favor spread
there are many snow globes on display in the store's glass shelves with pink labels
What if a Gumball Machine Assigned Guest Seating?
wedding guest gifts of personalized miniature white gumball machines for a creative wedding shoot
two baskets filled with food sitting next to each other on the side of a building
A Rustic + Romantic Wedding In Spain Inspired By Spanish Village Festivals
white woven hand fan guest favors and fresh local produce for a rustic and romantic outdoor wedding in Spain inspired by Spanish village festivals
a glass table topped with a white plate covered in grass next to flowers and plants
White Woven Hand Fan Wedding Favors
An Eclectic + Elegant Wedding At The Sands Hotel In Palm Springs
many different colored keychains are hanging on a wooden wall with the words ed and lean printed on them
A Wedding Reception Seating Chart Made of Holographic Keychain Guest Favors
The Bride Wore A Blush Dress For This Colorful Disco Dinner Wedding in Providence, Rhode Island
the table is set with pink flowers and silverware
Personalized Glittery Hand Mirror Guest Favors
Step into a Pink Wonderland: It’s a Barbie-Inspired Party!
a plate with a green napkin on top of it
Hand-Painted Stones as Whimsical Wedding Guest Favors
A Whimsical, Literary Wedding In The Heart Of Wine Country
two folding chairs with decorative designs on them and flowers in the back ground, against a brick wall
Wooden Fan Wedding Favors
A Floral Pattern Wedding Dress For This Intimate Outdoor Wedding At An Italian-Style Villa In Wisconsin
several pieces of paper that are tied together on a wooden table with ribbons around them
Oyster Ornament Wedding Favors w/ Personalized Ribbon
This Bay Area Barn Wedding Was Full Of Bold + Bright Colors
the table is set with plates, silverware and flowers in vases on it
Dried Sage Bundle Wedding Favor
This Vintage-Inspired Wedding In A Northern California Meadow Had A Punk Rock Edge
several black and white tags are hanging on a wall with numbers attached to them,
Personalized Motel Key Seat Assignment Wedding Favors
A Lux and Edgy Black-and-White Wedding in Austin, TX