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an old wooden crate is turned into a shelf with shelves for liquor bottles and glasses
25 Largest Animals Ever Caught On Camera - Diy and Crafts
wine rack made out of pallets and wine glasses
20 Gorgeous Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas to Stir Up Your Blank Walls - The ART in LIFE
a wooden wine rack filled with lots of bottles
30 meubles à faire avec des palettes !
cave a vin palettes
some stairs lit up with white lights
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CREATIVE IDEAS GIF on Twitter: "DIY Creative Ideas for Stairs https://t.co/J0tqMMwnif"
a close up of some stairs with light coming from the top and bottom one way
Love the LED light detail on these stairs
a white wall mounted light on the side of a wooden floor next to a stair case
Simone Waldenmaier, Lichtplanung-Innenarchitektur realisiert Innenraumkonzepte und Beleuchtungssituationen, Licht und Raum ergänzen sich gegenseitig. - Referenzen
Beleuchtung im Handlauf
a kitchen with white cabinets, black counter tops and lights on the floor in front of windows
Making LED Lighting Simple Since 2009 | Simple Lighting
What I like: Lighting is hugely important in making a room feel moody. Look how it changes this kitchen.
a wooden light hanging from the ceiling with cords attached to it's sides and two lights on each side
plank light fixture made from raw wood
plank' by frida ottemo fröberg and marie-marie gustafsson for northern lighting: wo planks of wood sandwich a series of LEDs
there is a bed with a headboard made out of plywood and some pillows
How To Make a Floating Headboard With LED Lighting
How To Make a Floating Headboard With Backlit LED Lighting
a stair case with lights on the side
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an empty room with white walls and lights on the wall, as well as a sculpture
Indirect Lighting: Diffused light produced by directing the light toward an intermediate surface that reflects the light into the room.