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Andy Burgess is both a photographer and αν artist having a degree from Byam Shaw School of Art in London.

portal of imagination by Maryna Khomenko on 500px

Zyne Summoners are connected to the elemental forces. They often can commune with animals and plants and/or control the weather. // The Zyne Legacy (Contemporary Fantasy Books) [Photograph portal of imagination by Maryna Khomenko on

black.quenalbertini: Feather Art by Kate McGwire | Pondly

Thanatos (Ancient Greek: Θανατος) was the Greek personification of death. Unlike the Erinyes, he was the god of peaceful death, just touching a person and then they die.

six feet under

Though it may have been foolish to try and nurse a bird as big as himself when he was younger, it worked out well. He has trusted the bird with his life since, and she has delivered on her unspoken promises.