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Abandoned Battleship Island, Japan housed what it should have with obscenely crowded apartments like this. Now, entire island is abandoned & restricted to the public. These derelict sky-scraping ghettos fall without an ear to hear them.

Unknown Soldier cover no.7 by Devilpig

Unknown Soldier cover by Devilpig

Punisher 73 by Devilpig

Well, it's another 'simple' cover, but it totally relates to the interior story.

Punisher Max 4 by Devilpig

PunisherMax KINGPIN PART FOUR While Wilson Fisk makes his move on the leading crime families of New York, Frank Castle has problems of his own?namely the sledgehammer-swinging hitman known as The Mennonite.

Unknown Soldier cover no.21 by Devilpig

Unknown Soldier cover by `Devilpig i am curious about this story series