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Gyöngyvér Biborka

Gyöngyvér Biborka
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8 technical terms every programmer should know

Are you interested in pursuing technology but aren't sure where to start? These 8 technical terms will help you get started. Enjoy these 8 technical terms.

Let me start by saying that relays are not an original idea..maybe you have been doing them for years…but they are new to me, (and i love them) so I figured I’d share in case anyone else has never tried relays with their class. How they work: Take a problem that requires multiple steps to …

Writing and Graphing Linear Equations (Point-Slope Form) Team Relay

What "Math" really means..

Since I'm going to be a high school math teacher, this could not apply to me anymore. I try to live by telling myself that any problem or situation I get myself into, there is always a solution. This goes for math as well.

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