Gyöngyi Nagyné Fellner

Gyöngyi Nagyné Fellner

Gyöngyi Nagyné Fellner
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My attempt to share tidbits of information picked up during my ongoing journey in learning to create costumes

As promised, here is a post about the dandelion hats, inspired by the animated movie Epic. The hats are definitely the most interesting part.

Animal-Inspired Halloween Costumes

There's no need to spend a lot of money on a Halloween costume! Make your own this year with these easy and creative DIY costumes! This sheep costume is too cute! Click through for more DIY costumes!


This cotton ball and hoodie sheep costume is ridiculously adorable and ridiculously easy. Also awesome about this costume, it'd be just as cute on a boy as a girl! You will need to make one cute sheep costume: a (white) hoodie, LOTS of cotton balls, .