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Debrecen-Józsa weboldala

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Participant at the Busójárás carnival in Mohacs. The Busójárás is a celebration held exactly seven weeks before Easter and involves locals dressing up in sheepskin costumes with scary masks and noise-makers.


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Busó Festivities in Mohács. People traditionally chase the winter away with wooden masks and march. #Hungary

Busójárás 2011, Mohács, Hungary

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Buso Mask. Hungary. Wood, sheep skin, & real horns. The Croatians and other ethnic groups wear these scary masks for New Year celebrations.

Busójárás Busó farsangi maszk álarc fafaragó Baráth Gábor Mohács

Baráth Gábor Works. Many Hungarian creator use tyre as furniture or to separate the space, but we can notice that all their creation has rounded shape. I thought that I break with the limitation of shape and I won’t use the rounded shape, but I use the markings of the tread. In my opinion tyre is suitable to the dynamically and exciting visualization of animals. “MUSCULATURE, POWER, DINAMICS” – may are the most suitable phrase to describe my creation.


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