brick wall decorated with empty paint pails

This is amazing. I wish I had this many empty paint cans to create a display like this in my own home. Empty Color Paint Can Color Array as Visual Merchandising Display

Store Display / Anthropologie

Mannequin with scarfs spring window. I found a pretty shade of green clothesline at the dollar tree. so a few dollars for the line and paper flowers. what a cheap and beautiful idea for décor.

Opticians Store Design

Opticians Store Design // Retail Design // Shop Design // TOMS cool display - heart of sunglasses

jacob hashimoto

Jacob Hashimoto - Installation - Silence Still Governs Our Consciousness 2011

#art #installation #neon #colors

martin klimas art installation Painting round things - the idea of sculpture, movement, lack of straight edge, problem solving - how do you paint something circular? Texture also could be introduced.

Jacob Hashimoto’s “Silence Still Governs our Consciousness”

silence still governs our consciousness - jacob hasimoto [+ other examples of suspended objects in art installations]

Jacob Hashimoto: The Other Sun at Ronchini Gallery

'the other sun' by jacob hashimoto bamboo, paper, dacron, acrylic, cotton thread courtesy the artist and ronchini gallery photo by michele alberto sereni