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Cold Meat packs for DeMaría. The logo is a mixture between Salamanca Cathedral (place where the company is based) and acorn-fed Iberian ham. The corn shape is also used as a die cut in the package, allowing consumer to see the product within.

DeMaria Meat Packaging - It’s unusual to see animal products wrapped up in anything resembling DeMaria Meat packaging. Instead of transparent plastic pouches and punc.

Milk collection | Designer: Hattomonkey Design Studio

Cottontail Packaging by Megan Humphrey Bill's Milkshake by I Love Dust Dalarna Milk Packaging Milk Collection by Hattomonkey Design Studio Whale Milk by Alessio Sabbadini Soy Mamelle by Kian Brand Summercow Milk by Bili Cardona.

Creative and colorful milk packaging

This design is very simple but works well because of it. the drop creates line and draws the consumers eyes to the work milk at the bottom of the carton. The bright colors against the plain white carton also aid the design.


Packaging Design Examples That Made the Product Sell! Super level packaging designs where the designers made a mark of themselves.