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Sára Györgyei
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Ich erzähl euch mal was über Justin Foley.

Justin • pinterest & instagram - @ninabubblygum •

fc: brandon flynn 》"yo, it's justin. im 18 years old and a prep. i am a basketball player with a big heart for the lady's. i like to eat, sleep, and play ball.

Thomas sangster ok is it just me or is he not the cutest person you have ever seen!!! oh, What I would do to meet him and talk to him for 5 minutes.!!

Read from the story Texting - dylmas by Newt_and_Tommy (l o v e l y) with reads. Dylan: Day one greenie.


The Fault In Our Stars.*whispers* the carton was pink.and Hazel was in the car because "vandalism makes [her] nervous" (understandably). haha, this is what happens when you read the book then immediately look at movie stuff