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Zoltán Györkei

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Zoltán Györkei
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Love you Bill, always asking the perfect questions! P.S. loving those inside jokes! ;)

The Doctor: I’m not Scottish, I’m just cross. Bill: Is there Scotland in space? The Doctor: They’re all over the place. Demanding independence from every planet that they land on.

http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20111121204233/chataboutheroesrp/images/d/dd/Bridal-makeup-for-redheads.jpg  Would love to achieve this look!!

Goin 39 to the chapel camera ready makeup for redhead brides i love my gingers beautiful redhead bridal makeup looks and colors gorgeous wedding make up for red head beauties warm peachy romantic

I never thought about the similarities...

Deadpool and Harley Quinn << hahahahaha X'D just imagine an harley dressed as Logan going out with a Deadpool dressed as ivy Haha oh gosh

Twist scarf - metallic rose gold

Maybe a wig in this color LOL THIS HAIR! everything about it is perfect including the color (Ban.do Twist Scarf - blush with gold triangles + dots lifestyle)

Auburn red is beautiful, Come see us at Salon Rene for your new fall do!

We're channeling our inner Ginger Spice for this one! One of our favorite hair trends of 2014 is Spicy Ginger! I'd almost be convinced to switch to ginger!