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garbage, plastic, and wastes on the beach after winter storms - Shutterstock Premier

Dohan and Maximenko Oceanography I have no rights on this image. I use this for educational purposes. Please contact original author for permission and print.

Chris Jordan, Plastic Pollution, Animal Cruelty

miles from civilization, albatross' are eating man-made plastic fbeeldingsresultaat voor plastic waste albatross midway

Philippine Kid Picks Plastic Wastes In Seawater Of Manila Bay. A boy swims through trash-filled waters in the Philippines, one of the most polluted nations in the world. Just imagine if all of that garbage had been recycled…

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The contents of a juvenile sea turtle's stomach - can we do this with computer parts mixed with human parts or ?

Millions of tons of plastic finds its way into our oceans every year with devastating effects, as filmaker Jo Ruxton found out when making "A Plastic Ocean.