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a person holding a small rodent in their hand
a hamster in a bowl on top of some wood shavings and sand
Brilliantly Simple Cage Idea - Supplies & Accessories
a hamster in a blanket holding an orange
Little hamster tucks himself in with a sleepy carrot snack
This little hamster is treating himself to the perfect bedtime treat
a white and brown rat in a cage eating something out of it's mouth
Small Pets Summer Care Tips | Rabbits, Hamsters and Guinea Pigs
a small hamster is sitting in its cage
New cage
This is my new hamster cage for Oreo!
a living room with a green couch and a large bird cage on top of it
two-storey rat cage by were-were-wolfy on DeviantArt
a caged animal is sitting on top of a table
gerbil tank, this would be sweet (: