46 Pins
an image of a cat that is laying down in the grass with leaves around it
a cartoon cat with money in front of it's eyes and the caption says, aluj nyyodatan
two comics with the same cartoon character and text that reads, sheldon is making you
an image of some cartoon characters on a blue background with the caption, he's not used to creatures being smaller than him
a cartoon green snake sitting in the sand
an image of various cartoon animals and things
a map that has some trees and houses on the land in front of it, with a bird flying by
two cartoon pictures with the same character in different ways, one is holding a magnifying
Sheldon the Tiny Dinosaur who Thinks he's a Turtle
two cartoon pictures with the same person sitting in a reclining chair, and an image of
Sheldon the Tiny Dinosaur who Thinks he's a Turtle: Photo
an image of a donut with the caption after scientific investigatetion, sheilan has conducted that doughnuts do not in fact, have nut shells for him
an image of a cartoon character that is plugged in to a router with the words, we're experiencing technical diffruities