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a painting of two people with hats on their heads and one has a face painted in blue
Pablo Picasso and Women in His Life
an abstract painting of three nude women in front of a mirror
Pablo Picasso
an abstract painting of a woman's face in red, yellow and blue colors
Cubism 1907 By Pablo Picasso - 13cmx18cm
an image of a painting with flowers and trees
Artwork - Ben Lewis Giles
a woman with two dogs on her shoulders and one dog in the other's back
Beautiful Bizarre Magazine on X
a painting of a field with flowers in the foreground
Path through the Poppies Art Print by Claude Monet
a man drinking from a can with his mouth wide open
TRAVEL Esquire 🇺🇸🇮🇹🌍✈️ on Twitter
A TOAST! Ernest #Hemingway in #Spain, 1937 @ThislsAmazing #Espana #Wine via @TravelEsquire
an image of a painting with people in the water
a painting of two women looking at each other in front of a mirror with blue walls
Auguste Toulmouche (1829-1890)