17 Pins
a drawing of a little chick holding a clover
a notebook with an image of a monkey hanging from a branch and flowers on it
Carátula 4
monito divertido
a drawing of a girl with blue hair
a drawing of a cat sitting in a cup on top of a paper with hearts
a drawing of a penguin eating a piece of watermelon
a drawing of a penguin wearing a blue hat and scarf with snowflakes on it
a pink table cloth with hearts and clouds on it
the book is open to show an owl and flowers on it's page, which reads science
Carátula 2
an open notebook with drawings of animals on it
a drawing of a teddy bear with a butterfly on it's chest and the words mama miama written in spanish
Carátula 1
an open notebook with a drawing of a teddy bear and flowers on the page that says,