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I am dead

Andy played with broken ribs, Frank played with an oxygen mask and Phil fell off stage. Bitch please.

I have a favor to ask of all the people who either follow me or members of these boards. Whoever has a Facebook and would like to help me get this account reported and shut down, please do so. Black Veil Brides puts a lot of work into what they do and they do not need to have this crap on the internet. Please get this pinned liked and repinned and maybe even get this account shut down. So who's with me?!? Let's kill this bitches who did this!

Why do u hate andy?

R.I.P Mitch Lucker

If you don't know oh he is go and watch all of Suicide Silence's older music. RIP Mitch Lucker, a voice as good as the man himself << I dont even listen to this band but I know who he is


Me if I get to meet green day

YES!!! No true BVB fan likes BVB just because of Andy, they love all the members equally! Andy for his coolness, Ashley for his awesomeness, Jake for his epicness, CC for his fabulousness, and Jinxx for his amazingness. I love each one of them equally for different reasons. BVB! <3

No true BVB fan likes BVB just because of Andy, they love all the members equally!

For lemon Gerard.

For lemon Gerard. <<--I swear when I read this I could smell lemon. My friend WAS eating skittles beside me at the time, though. That probably explains it.<<--my mom saw this and said what the hell is lemon Gerard and then I was like JESUS

No one hates 5SOS more than Luke.

This is me and my brothers thing BC of this vid. When we go to a Chinese restaurant we open up our fortune and say: "It says your band sucks" <<<<