How to Make Paper Angel Chains, step-by-step tutorial by Aunt Annie´s Craft

Paper Angel Chains

I do love this look but I keep wanting to put those front strands behind her ears!!!!  35 Best  Bob Hairstyles_16

35 Best Bob Hairstyles

The bob is charming and classic. With the different lengths and styles available, there is surely a layered bob for every face shape. These layered bob hairstyl

13076761_1158590004186918_5234489632949188194_n.jpg (382×395)

13076761_1158590004186918_5234489632949188194_n.jpg (382×395)

Pár perc alatt összekészíted, és mehet a sütőbe! Isteni finom lesz!

Kuracie rezne, 100 g syra a 1 paradajka: Toto bude najlepšie jedlo dnešného dňa!


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"How do you spell 'love' "? -piglet "You don't spell it.You feel it" -pooh

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