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Mátyás Hajdu
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Photoshop. What a glorious, glorious thing.

Wolf owls god save us all

Meme origins

The real people / images they based meme faces on.

Isso melhorou meu dia :')

Frog lizard are bffs forever

Funny Pictures Of Skeletons

Very interesting Skeleton Fossils discovered around the World.

Place your bet guys

[RMX] Who Wins ? by ilimano - A Member of the Internet's Largest Humor Community

Yes/No questions answered in kind. Are you childish? Are you nervous? Are you paranoid? Are you racist? Are you drunk? Are you an idiot?

Yes/No questions answered in kind. Are you childish? Yes Are you nervous? No Are you paranoid? Ur dad is Are you racist? No Are you drunk? Yes Are you an idiot?

Cars and Their Faces

Cars and Their Faces - glad I'm not the only one

Batman and Superman

Batman and Superman Ich habe Tränen gelacht !

Change is what happened...change...

Click the link to see the full pic & story. the raptors one got me baaad

Batman = Everyones worst nightmare... apparently :D

Lol Batman DBZ was the best