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Baño completamente hecho de concreto. La tina y las repisas también. Un…

tub/shower combo with no doors/curtains I just LOVE the idea of NO tracks or doors or anything to get all gunky! I hate the shower/tub situation usually, but I could possibly deal with it if it was a sunken bath.

Keyhole garden

Designed for arid environments with poor soil it's a raised bed system with a built in compost basket. Self fertilizing and super efficient at holding in moisture. Uses 1 gallon of water a day.

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Bathroom-Storage in your Midtown Atlanta Condo can always be a challenge. Here is a brilliant bathroom storage idea; moving kitchen spice cabinet concept to the bathroom

waterfall bathroom tiles. use any photo you want to make custom wall tiles.

Wall mural ideas for bathroom! : Wall Mural Ideas For Wall mural ideas for bathroom! mural painting designs,photo mural wallpaper,Wall mural ideas for bathroom

"Northern Lights Tile". Tiles appear black at room temp, but move through the color spectrum when the temperature changes.

Color Changing Tiles - Turn your shower into a living hotbox, or at least pretend like it by installing these heat sensitive tiles on the walls. Stand in awe the next time you shower as they react to the heat and slowly change colors. for-the-home