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Leather MonoSleeve by Red Queen http://www.verillas.com/productimage.php?product_id=482
Gothic Punk Biker Jacket On Etsy, $689.00  -  This is AWESOMELY GORGEOUS!!!  -  LR:
100 Flamboyant Fashions - What Lady Gaga Would Have Worn at the MTV Europe Music Awards (CLUSTER)
Black Elastic Maleficent Bondage Goth by AgashiByChristinaO, $99.00
Black Elastic Maleficent Bondage Goth Burlesque Neck Collar Choker Harness (Etsy, "AgashiByChristinaO")
Black Cage Hoop Crinoline Hoop Skirt - maybe put some LED lights on it for Burning Man
Architectural Fashion Design - 3D cage fashion with exaggerated silhouette; structural experiments for the body // Chromat