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Hajnalka Halasi

Hajnalka Halasi
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How to stop weeds naturally in walkways and rocky borders

If your yard is anything like mine, right now it is teeming with abundant plant life – in other words, weeds. And if you are anything like me, words like herbicide or Roundup make you cringe. For years, I have used the fail-safe method of dealing with wee

The Oppland white upholstered bench features gold finished stainless steel legs that have a sleek and modern design element. The bench is upholstered in a rich tufted white eco-leather.

TOV Furniture Oppland Bench Oppland Bench: Eco leather upholstered bench Glossy stainless steel frame Features a tufted design Measurements: W x D x H Seat height Material: Leather and stainless steel Care: Spot clean Brand: TOV Furniture Origin: Imported

Crystal Mobile: Gypsum, Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Selenite, Sandalwood. -- This crystal mobile is perfect for your bedroom, transforming it into your peaceful, dreamy, sacred sleeping space. #Boho #HomeDecor #Bohemian #Crystals

Made with materials from the earth, as Mother Nature intended. Hand crafted with raw, untampered crystals, powerful crystal clusters, and natural driftwood.

Se cukor, se hagyományos liszt nem kerül ebbe az isteni diétás csodadesszertbe! Nem is csoda, hogy a recept futótűzként terjed az interneten. E...

Low-carb Cheesecake With Cream Cheese, Eggs, Sugar Substitute, Vanilla Extract, Almond Extract