Colar do nó da corda náutica Podia ser usado para uma pulseira ou cinto também. / Nautical Knot Rope Necklace Could be used for a bracelet or belt also.

DIY Nautical Knot Rope Necklace

DIY Nautical Knot Rope Necklace Could be used for a bracelet or belt also.⚜Buffy VS⚜ (I think it'd look great in turquoise as a belt worn w/a chevron maxi in grey or a pretty yellow dress and wedges with a turquoise colored statement necklace⚜Buffy VS⚜

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...The Fast Lane! ♥: {Freebie Friday} Girly Owl Invitation

Two cute designs for you today featuring super cute OWLS! Just add your custom text using your favorite photo editing site.


would use something other than paracord. Would make nice dog color or leash



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