Oh, Pioneer!

there is nothing more beautiful than looking through the ground glass of a large format camera

5 simple strategies to help you tell a concise and meaningful story on-camera

Want A vintage Nikon camera like this one, so bad. Would be amazing accessorie and a great way to capture memories this summer.

Kate Spade wicker "camera" bag. Adorable!

kate spade new york 'grand tour' wicker camera shoulder bag your cute travel sightseeing bag for summer 2016 alice holiday accessories or the purse for town


sweet little photographers - My future children. Okay, not the ones in this actual photo. but the IDEA of them.

Being a photographer can be very time consuming, by taking hours for only having 10 good pictures. Also you need to have patient when working with animals or even people. Waiting for the right second to capture a picture is a very hard task.


Hi, my name is Rachel and I'm a 21 year old girl living in Los Angeles. I look for inspiration in words, art and photography. I hope that you, too, find inspiration here.

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Damien Elroy Vignaux is an internet phenomenon and master of sensual nude photography. We visited him in his apartment in Berlin.

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Britta Nickel

a camera and a hat are necessary when sitting on the dining room table.