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Australian amethyst is the best!
Semi-precious pink Rubellite Tourmaline crystal gemstone
Beautiful blue diamond
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Oval diamond
Diamond and Gemstones Dealer- Jeweller
Topaz is one of the rare gemstones that have a high level of clarity. Most gems available on the market are eye clean, meaning they do not have visible impurities and flaws. Topaz is a natural gemstone and it has inclusions but they are visible only under magnification. In fact, some of the largest flawless gems ever unearthed are topaz.
an oval blue topazte stone on a white background
JupiterGem: Exceptional Gems and Jewelry
an orange diamond on a white background
Loose gemstones, rare colored stones, pearls and certified diamonds.
Andalusite is best known for its strong pleochroism and its unusual color which is frequently a mixture of both red and green.
a large brown diamond sitting on top of a white table
Smoky Quartz (large and beautiful) | Brazil
Smoky Quartz, 49,78 ct, This stone has a true "smoky" color, reminiscent of top Swiss Smoky Quartz specimens. It's a rather large gem considering that it weighs nearly 50 carats and the fact that it is virtually eye clean makes it that much more impressive. To top it all off, the stone has a dazzling "Concave Spinning Trillion" cut which is unlike any cut I have ever seen.
an orange colored diamond on a gray background
Azotic Topaz: Buy Loose Azotic Topaz Gemstones at Affordable Price...
11.44 ct Trillion Facet Multicolor Azotic Topaz Gemstone 14.07 mm x 14 mm
an orange and green diamond on a white background
#Csarite Inspirations by Major Designers To Premiere at Tucson Gem Show - The Daily Jewel
#Csarite Inspirations by Major Designers To Premiere at Tucson Gem Show - The Daily Jewel
a blue diamond on a white background
Loose Topaz: Loose Topaz for Sale | Ships Worldwide
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