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Handel Attila

Handel Attila
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Somen made by the renowned gendai (modern) katchu-shi (armor maker) Fukutake Ichiro (1928 - 2002), recognized as being one of the few and clearly the most talented of gendai smiths in the art of embossing. Highly respected, Ichiro, as he often signed his works is listed in Dr. Yoshihiko Sasama's Shin Katchu-Shi Meikan.

Somen made by the renowned gendai (modern) katchu-shi (armor maker) Fukube…

Tokugawa Daku Akuma Samurai Armor

The Tokugawa Daku Akuma (Dark Demon) armor was worn by Samurai to instill fear into the hearts of their foe as they stormed through the battle field like a dark plague. The Daku Akum .

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Xerox Samurai No.1 by The-BenT-One.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Title - Xerox Samurai Media - Industrial Cardboard and Garbage Bags Time - 63 hrs completed early November, 2009 This was the result of a project for my.