Brown and blue eye makeup for blue eyes

I reckon you could recreate this look with Lipsense Apple Cider, Luv It and Shadowsense mocha Java shimmer, garnet and a smidge of silver violet in the corners.

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Golden Smokey Eye Tutorial - 10 Brown Eyeshadow Tutorials for Seductive Eyes - GleamItUp - this is pretty and not so dark as most smokey eyes, much better for someone who doesn't wear a lot of make up :)

A Stunning Makeup Tutorial for Brown Eyes | | Bloglovin

Here's a Stunning Makeup Tutorial for Brown Eyes

Sona Gasparian’s tutorial for brown-eyed girls will inspire melodies to the likes of Van Morrison. While blue and green eyes may have been more coveted in the past, Gasparian proves once and for via Eyebrow Makeup Tip

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The Best Makeup Tips To Make Your Deep Set Eyes More Gorgeous


A full step-by-step guide explaining how to create the natural Asian makeup look. This includes instructions for different kinds of eyes, cheeks and lips

Jennifer Lawrence's extremely hooded eyes.

Makeup Tips for Hooded Eyes

Ty This If You Have Hooded Eyes. A folded skin below the eyebrow that hangs on your eyelid is said to be hooded eyes. Girls with hooded eyes should definite try winged eyeliner for a cat eye look.

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