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a woman is holding an umbrella and walking her dog in front of autumn leaves with the words hello fall written on it
Megan Hess Illustration
Hello Fall by Megan Hess Illustration
fall decorations hanging from a tree in the woods
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a woman sitting on a window sill looking out at the trees and fall foliage
a peaceful morning
a woman throwing leaves in the air with her arms up and hands out to catch them
two people laying on the ground in front of trees with leaves all over them and one person reading a book
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an empty train track surrounded by trees and leaves
Welcome October
Welcome October
leaves on the ground with a quote about making things say for people and do not make them difficult
" Life is so full of unpredictable beauty and strange surprises. Sometimes that beauty is too much for me to handle. Do you know that feeling? When something is just too beautiful? When someone says something or writes something or plays something that moves you to the point of tears, maybe even changes you.” ― Mark Oliver Everett
an old wagon with pumpkins and birdhouses in the fall leaves next to it
an aerial view of the city with trees in autumn
New York City in autumn
two women walking down a path in the woods with baskets on their back and one carrying something
New England
New England Autumn
two people standing in front of some leaves on the ground with their feet up and legs down
messy hair, thirsty heart
a woman in black dress and brown boots standing next to trees with leaves on the ground
many small pumpkins are stacked together in rows
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