Harry Legatura

Harry Legatura

I am casting and doing bondage since many years with lots of experience. What gives more excitment and pleasure than immobilization? I love any kind of fetish
Harry Legatura
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The Queen of Couture Daphne Guinness is photographed by Markus Klinko + Indrani at Le Carmen in Paris for the March issue of Hong Kong Tatler, styled by GK Reid.

.    Chaka Godiva via Hideo Sato onto #Fashion-ivabellini     Chaka Godiva via Hideo Sato onto #Fashion-ivabellini

I don't know about you but I can't get in enough of all things leather that's dominating top runways and street fashion around the world. From jackets to dresses, leather is a MUST for the fashion forward crowd. These are my top looks.


New York Times: An Alexander McQueen ensemble with a coat of duck feathers painted gold and a skirt of silk tulle embroidered with gold threads.

I *know* it's not Steam Punk. But I love it, and there's no other board it fits into :D Chainmail Body Jewellery

Because FASHION is ART afragmentcastadrift: f-l-e-u-r-d-e-l-y-s: Fannie Schiavoni Metal Dress at London Fashion Week Something a dragon!witch would wear, perhaps?