Őszi versek, mesék

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an autumn poem written in german with leaves on the ground and a hedge sitting next to it
an autumn card with two hedges and leaves
an orange leaf is on top of a page with the words,'a titoflazo labyrom '
an orange background with autumn leaves and the words'a falevi ruuhia '
an apple with the words in different languages
a white goose is standing in front of an orange and yellow background with words below it
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the poem is written in spanish and has an image of a tree with leaves on it
an image of a lantern with flowers on it and the words in russian above it
an orange fox sitting in the grass next to pumpkins and trees with leaves on them
an article in spanish describing the different types of animals and their food sources, with text below
Libamese- nyelvtorna
an illustration of a fox and a bird on a white background with the words liba mondska