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Butterfly Nebula NGC 6302 - A dying star approximately 5x the mass of our sun is in the center of this massive gas storm. [2963  3538] http://ift.tt/2z3C2wN

The Butterfly Nebula.Though its wingspan covers over 3 light-years, NGC 6302 is no exception. With an estimated surface temperature of about degrees C, the dying central star of this.

Human Body Ingredients

Human Body Ingredients via imaginaryfoundation: 'The average human has approximately 100 trillion cells and each cell is made of approximately 100 trillion atoms, each of which were originally created in the center of a star.' Here it is by mass: http:/

Mind blown

It just 'accidently' makes the symbol of infinity! perfect since in symbolism, the sun symbols Christ, the moon the Church. ~ mw ~ Fixed position photograph of the sun, taken at the same time of day over a year. Looks like the infinity symbol!