Crochet for Beginners

Only great crochet stitches for beginners, crochet basics, and step-by-step crochet tutorials on this board! Consider it a Crochet 101 class with easy crochet…
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Learn how to crochet a chic cocoon with this free crochet pattern! There are multiple sizes included and beginner friendly.
Crochet Cocoon Pattern
Learn how to crochet a chic cocoon with this free crochet pattern! There are multiple sizes included and beginner friendly.
a crocheted water bottle cover with the words granny stitch on it
Crochet Granny Stitch Water Bottle Cozy
The Granny Stitch has always been a favorite. Whether you’re new to the Granny Stitch or you’re a pro, this free water bottle cozy crochet pattern is a quick, easy make that is functional and chic. My favorite! Let’s crochet one… or three... with this free crochet pattern!
the crochet hacky sack pattern is shown in four different colors
DIY Hacky Sack Pattern
Hacky sack is such a fun game to play outside in the summer. Use this free crochet pattern to whip up several from just ONE skein of yarn. Great gift ideas and stash busting project.
the video shows how to make a crochet granny square
How to Crochet a Moss Stitch Granny Square
If you love the Moss Stitch, you'll love crocheting it in a GRANNY SQUARE! Follow along with the video tutorial for this fun and easy crochet technique.
there is a knitted scarf on the floor with text overlay that reads, herringbone socks free crochet pattern
How to Crochet Socks
Use this FREE crochet pattern for socks to learn how to make your own pair. Crochet socks are a great gift idea and a great way to show someone you care. Five sizes to choose from.
a woman with long red hair wearing a black crochet top
Free Mesh Summer Top Crochet Pattern
Follow the video tutorial to make this super chic, trendy mesh summer top crochet pattern!
three crochet straight edges with text overlay
How to Keep Straight Edges in Crochet
Keeping straight edges in crochet is easier than you think. This method of achieving nice and uniform edges all depends on one little chain. Learn how to keep clean edges in your crochet today!
two hanging planters with plants in them and the text crochet hanger for houseplant clippings
Crochet Hanger for Houseplant Clippings
If you love houseplants and have a propagation station, you need to make some window hangers using this free crochet pattern!
the linked double crochet pattern is shown in green and yellow, with an orange stripe
Crochet Stitch: Linked Double Crochet
If you’re looking for a crocheted fabric without a lot of holes, the Linked Double Crochet is for you! In this tutorial we will learn how to make the Linked Double Crochet stitch, so grab your hook and let’s get started!
crocheted pot holders with text overlay that says how to make a double thick crochet hot pad
How to Crochet a Double Thick Hot Pad
Something ALL households need? Hot pads and potholders! Follow this FREE crochet pattern to make a set of easy double thick crochet hot pads.
a close up of a crochet project with text overlay that reads how to use bobbins for color changing in crochet
Easier Color Changes in Crochet
Color changes in crochet don't have to be terrible! Learn how to use yarn bobbins to keep your yarn organized while you're crocheting graphghans or charts.
a blue crocheted beanie with a measuring tape on the front and bottom
Master Beanie Pattern
Learn how to use the hat sizing chart to make sure your beanie is the right size every time. Save this!
a crocheted stuffed animal sitting on top of a table
Adding a Kawaii Mouth to Crochet
Larn step-by-step how to sew a Kawaii mouth to your next crochet project. This is a quick and easy method that you'll master in no time!
the t - shirt yarn is laid out on top of each other
Thrift Flip: T-shirts to Yarn
Find a bunch of old t-shirts? Turn them into yarn cor crocheting using this step-by-step guide. We'll walk you through the process and soon you'll have TONS of t-shirt yarn!
the crochet waffle stitch pattern with text overlay that reads, how to crochet the waffle stitch
Waffle Stitch Crochet Tutorial
The Waffle Stitch is a wonderfully textured, super squishy crochet stitch that is made up of a series of double crochets and front post double crochets. We will alternate two rows back and forth, each row repeating a set of stitches in multiples of three. By using the post stitches, we are pronouncing what will become both the sides and the top line of the “waffle”. It almost looks good enough to eat!