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It's funnier to learn yoga with flamingos! 31 poses prints available at Amelie Legault Etsy

It's funnier to learn yoga with flamingos 31 poses available at Amelie Legault Etsy store

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Blonde hair is beautiful; it has the effect of taking years off your face, resulting in a more youthful and lifted appearance. It’s a color trend that can ramp up your style in many ways, such as ombre and balayage to give a soft, feminine look, or even platinum, which is fierce and edgy. Yet …

Melanesian children of the Solomon Islands…how beautiful!And people think that only white people have natural blond hair. In your face everyone who thought that. Black people have blond hair too.and they aren't light!

10 Quotes That Empower Your Individuality

“ “ “This is a representation of a healthy relationship; equally nourishing one another and allowing each lovers mind to blossom freely all the while being supportive and naturally developing similar flowering thoughts and beliefs along.

Wilderness Wanderlust :: Adventure Outdoors :: Escape to the Wild :: Back to Nature :: Mountain Air :: Woods, Lakes + Hiking Trails :: Free your Wild :: See more Untamed Wilderness Photography + Inspiration /untamedorganica/

The mountains are definitely calling. Sometimes you just have to clear a week, explain that this is really important, and spend some time discovering nature and discovering who you are.

Cool creepy marionette

The boy with the black eyes was once a puppet. Now that he’s cut his strings, he has to show the silent blonde how to free herself from hers. Read Erica Cameron’s SING SWEET NIGHTINGALE