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Kreatìv ùjság cica,a magazin kedvelőknek😉🐱

I love the idea and look of making collages with old newspapers and books, but the reality of it brings problems when trying to make consistent supplies for 150 students. Technology to the rescue with a scanner, printer and parchment paper.

Water color resist bird art on blank cardstock greeting card (10 year old)

Here’s an idea for a cute spring drawing or painting. Three very simple birds that are stacked on each other, with the highest one looking at a pretty flower. As always, few crayon details added before painting adds some extra fun to the art.

Sketch Book.....Leaf Designs 2 Wow!  Love this!

More Leaf Designs from my sketch book. This leaf is the same basic shape as the leaves I posted yesterday, but the veins are a different shape: Once you get your basic leaf shape chalked out onto fabric, You can stitch out any fill design you wish.